Aparna Rupakula

From : Hyderabad & Warangal, India

Lives : Austin, TX.

My approach in depicting any subject has been to emphasize and acknowledge the physicality of the subject above any immediate impressions. This approach is an analytical way of working but it does lend itself to a more effective way of emotional expression that can withstand sustained scrutiny. As I work I find that things change in opposition to my prior assumptions. The final informed push and pull are what makes the process unique to each piece of work. Unlike other fields of study, art, given the organic nature of mind/subject, does not lend itself easily to formulaic or patterned methods of approach. This is what makes drawing/painting challenging. The dysphoria that seems to be a part of the each piece is strangely what drives work forward. I am drawn to the non-generic depictions of what is considered an acceptable aesthetic effort in art. It is strangely easy to make things both pleasing and harsh but harder to see things as they are. Understanding the raw subliminal unifying humanness is always my goal. European classicism through its roots in greco roman art has provided humanity with some of the finest tools of expression in sculpture and consequently painting. I was always drawn to precisely this aspect of things. My exposure to defaced yet beautiful rock sculptures in the temples and archaeological museums of my childhood in India triggered an interest in art and sculpture. 

Aparna Rupakula b.1984 lives in Austin, TX.  She was born in Hyderabad, India. She has lived both in India and the Middle East before moving to the US to study. She studied to be an engineer and later proceeded to study drawing and painting. She currently studies  privately under Danny Grant in Austin and also studied briefly at the Grand Central atelier in NYC.  She trains in the 19th century French academic techniques in drawing/painting. She is also the founder of the Grackle studio which custom mixes oil paints to Munsell standards for artists.



2009 MS. Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineer, Purdue University.

2006 BS  Mechanical Engineering & Minor in Applied Math, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. 



Oct 2017            American Artists professional League ( AAPL)

                           Board of Directors award

                           89th Grand National exhibition

Upcoming exhibitions

Jan 2019             2019 Au Naturel : the Nude in the 21st Century

                            Royal Nebeker Gallery, Clatsop Community College

                            Astoria, OR

Juried exhibitions

Nov 2018             90th Grand National Exhibition 

                            The American Artists Professional League

                            Salmagundi Club, NYC

Sep 2018             2018 Fall Juried exhibit 

                            Jansen Art Center, Lynden, Washington

Sep 2018             All media Juried Exhibit

                            Chico Art Center, Chico , CA

Oct 2018             The New Orleans Art Association 2018 National Exhibition

                            New Orleans, LA 

Oct 2018             30th Old San Ysidro Church Fine Art Show,

                            Old San Ysidro Church 

                            Corrales, New Mexico

Feb 2018             11th Biennial National Art Exhibition

                            Visual Arts Center, Punta Gorda, FL

Oct 2017             American Artists Professional League

                            89th Grand National Exhibition 

May 2017            6th National Fine art Competition Show 

                            Art at the OPOMAC, Graham, TX


April 2017           The Austin Figurative Show by AVAA, Austin, TX

Mar  2017            The New Orleans Art association 2017 National Exhibition

                            New Orleans , LA

Nov 2016             88th Grand National Exhibition 

                            The American Artists Professional League

                            Salmagundi Club, NYC

Oct 2016              74th Annual Audubon Artists Exhibition

                             Salmagundi Club, NYC 


May 2016            5th National Fine art Competition Show 

                            Art at the OPOMAC, Graham, TX


April 2016           The Austin Figurative show by AVAA, Austin, TX





Elected member of The American artists professional league

Associate member of The Audubon Artists

Associate member of the American Women artists 

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